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Dahua Review: Is Dahua a Good Brand?

Dahua CCTV camera on a wall against a white background

With affordable pricing, high reliability, and advanced features, Dahua is one of the most popular IP camera brands in the world.

Widely known for their affordable pricing and superior quality, Dahua CCTV cameras are a popular choice amongst security installers.

My Dahua review will look at Dahua features, product options, and technology to answer a question I hear from our customers often: Is Dahua a good brand? 

Is Dahua a Good Brand?

In short: Yes, Dahua is well known as being one of the top brands in the CCTV camera industry.

Read on to learn about the exceptional features offered by Dahua that make them one of the best manufacturers of consumer grade camera systems.

Dahua Features

High Image Quality

Dahua cameras boast superior image quality thanks to advanced technology and state-of-the art manufacturing.

Low Price Point

Dahua produces a wide range of camera options at affordable prices. Consumers can trust in the quality of the system while still enjoying a surprisingly affordable price

Sturdy Manufacturing

Dahua cameras are manufactured to last and hold up well over time. Their products have also proven to be resilient when it comes to reconnecting in the event of network issues.

Dahua also offers local technical support right here in Australia, offering a convenient way to get help in the event of a technical issue or question.

Excellent User Interface and Mobile Application

With an excellent user interface and convenient mobile application, Dahua offers some of the most user friendly cameras on the market.

Dahua security camera on a wall pointing to the right against a white background

Easy Security Device Management

Whether you have a single security camera in your home or a hundred security cameras at your business, Dahua offers easy security device management through a central platform.

Advanced Technology

Dahua integrates advanced technology into its products, such as:

  • Dahua Starlight — Exceptional night colour technology for excellent performance in low light situations
  • Dahua WizSense — Advanced motion detection techniques designed to identify vehicles or humans in range while filtering out irrelevant objects (animals, trees, etc.)
  • Dahua TiOC — Dahua TiOC represents their “Three in One Camera” technology. This includes full colour night vision, active deterrence through red and blue lights and alarms, and AI that can quickly detect humans and vehicles to reduce the chance of false alarms to less than 2%.

AI System

Dahua’s IVS stands for “Intelligent Video Surveillance”. This is part of its advanced AI system. Some of the helpful IVS options include:

  • Smart Motion Detection (SMD) – Accurately detects people and vehicles in the frame
  • Scene Change Detection – A feature that senses if the camera is covered or moved
  • Abandoned Object Detection – Senses when an object stays in one place for an extended time period
  • Line Crossing Detection – Detects if an individual crosses a designated line in the scene
  • Intrusion Detection – Detects a vehicle or person in a defined area
  • Missing Object Detection – Detects objects that were previously in the frame but are no longer there
  • PTZ Auto Tracking – A top-of-the-line camera that automatically adjusts to floor a vehicle or person
  • Face Detection – Accurate face detection

24/7 Recording And Playback

Dahua allows for 24/7 recording and playback, allowing users to easily pinpoint footage and playback particular events. This is far more convenient than sorting through hours and hours of video footage.

Most Popular Dahua Products

Dahua is widely recognized for its video surveillance products, network video recorders, digital video recorders, and low-light security cameras.

They are known for three main types of security cameras: this company is distinctly for its three types of security cameras:

  • UltraSeries
  • ProSeries
  • LightSeries.


Does Dahua offer a phone application?

Yes. Dahua offers excellent mobile applications that easily pair with the corresponding security system. These convenient phone apps allow home and business owners to stream video photos, proactively manage video security, access real time analytics, monitor their system, review data, and receive mobile alerts as long as they are connected to a reliable network or signal.

What fixed lenses do Dahua security cameras offer?

Dahua mainly includes 2.8mm, 3.6mm, and 6mm fixed lenses. Each lens size lends itself to different security applications.

Our security technicians can determine the ideal setup for your needs, ensuring all entrances, blind spots, and exits are covered and that your system will perform in all situations.

Looking to Install a Dahua CCTV System?

Dahua is one of the top CCTV security camera systems in the industry right now, which is why we sell their products.

We test everything we sell extensively to ensure we offer our customers only the most trusted products in the industry.

With its impressive features, AI powered alerts, reliability, and superior quality, we’re proud to sell Dahua products.

At DeltaPrime, our highly trained technicians are skilled at installing tailored security camera solutions that match your budget, setup, and needs. Once installed, we provide comprehensive training so you know how to confidently operate, monitor, and manage your security system.

For questions, more information, or for a free quote on our Dahua security camera packages, get in touch with our security system installers in Perth for a free quote!