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Starlink Perth

Setting up Starlink doesn’t need to be overwhelming or confusing.


Get in touch today for help with all facets of Starlink installation including mounting, equipment configuration, adapters, cable connections, and efficiency assessments.

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    Starlink antenna on a Perth rooftop and a woman using the Starlink app on her phone


    Once you order your Starlink satellite and hardware, we offer a comprehensive installation process that includes everything you need to get your internet up and running.

    Our comprehensive Starlink installation process includes:

    • Optimal Starlink satellite placement
    • Secure roof mounting
    • Proper connection of cabling
    • Setup tailored to your location, house or building, and preferences
    • Assistance setting up your WiFi network and internet connection through the Starlink app
    • Equipment configuration
    • Efficiency assessment to ensure a reliable, fast internet connection

    How Much Does Starlink Cost in Australia?

    Starlink pricing is a big consideration for our customers when looking into Starlink installation. 

    As costs can differ wildly based on the type of dish, accessories required, and whether it’s a residential or business installation, it’s hard to give an accurate range. 

    For more accurate pricing information, get in touch with us for a free quote and consultation today. 

    Starlink antenna in a Perth home with a laptop in the foreground on a coffee table

    Already Have a Starlink Antenna?

    If your reception isn’t 100%, get in touch to discuss where it can be located for a better signal.

    Starlink antenna on the roof of a Perth home with solar panels in the background

    Types of Starlink Antennas

    There are four main types of Starlink antennas. These are:

    • Standard: The Standard Starlink antenna is designed for general consumer use, offering reliable satellite internet connectivity with a simple, rounded design suitable for most residential settings.
    • Standard Actuated: This version of the Starlink antenna includes an actuation mechanism, allowing for automated positioning to optimise signal reception, enhancing connectivity in various installation scenarios.
    • High Performance: The High Performance Starlink antenna is tailored for users in demanding environments, providing enhanced connectivity and stronger performance, especially in areas with difficult weather conditions or obstructed satellite views.
    • Flat High Performance: Combining the capabilities of the High Performance antenna with a flat design, this antenna offers advanced connectivity in a form factor that is easier to integrate into a variety of settings, including mobile or space-limited environments.

    Although some people opt to install these themselves, setting up a Starlink antenna can be intricate, technical, and better suited to professional installation.

    To avoid technical problems or damage to your new equipment, we highly recommend working with our professional Starlink installers.

    Installation Accessories

    We provide a range of accessories available to improve the mounting location, connectivity, and functionality of your dish.

    Available accessories include:

    • Extra long cables
    • Pole mounts
    • Roof ridge mounts
    • Replacement parts
    • Side wall mounts
    • Ethernet port adaptors
    • Pipe adaptors
    • Replacement cables
    Starlink antenna in the middle of a field in rural Perth

    How to Install Starlink


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    Contact our licensed professionals with any questions or for a fast, free, on-site Starlink installation quote.


    Arrange a Time

    Our Starlink installers will arrange a time that works with your schedule to securely install your dish and get you connected.


    Our Experts Do the Work

    We will arrive on time, safely and securely mount your dish, run efficiency tests, and help set up your WiFi connection.

    Looking to Add Fixed Ethernet Points to Your Starlink Modem?

    We can get you sorted. Get in touch today!

    Meet Your Starlink Installers

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    Jacob Bailey, our Managing Director


    Managing Director


    If you are tired of limited coverage or slow internet speeds, installing Starlink on your roof may be the answer you’ve been looking for. 

    Benefits include:

    • Connection in areas where coverage is limited
    • No data cap limitation
    • High reliability 
    • Faster speeds than the NBN
    • Possibility for service that continues to improve as more satellites are approved and launched
    • Download speeds between 100 Mbps and 200 Mbps for homeowner

    The advertised starlink speeds Perth homeowners and business owners can expect are as follows:

    • Download speeds ranging between 100 Mbps and 200 Mbps for standard plans, with upload speeds between 5 Mbps to 15 Mbps and latency of 25ms to 50ms 
    • Download speeds of up to 350 Mbps for business plans, with upload speeds of 25 Mbps or more and latency as low as 20ms

    Over 2000 Starlink satellites are orbiting the earth, meaning many areas of Western Australia and Perth can enjoy fast, reliable internet coverage. You can check Starlink coverage by entering your city and suburb into their service area map at: or contacting our team.

    Setup cost is affected by several factors, including: 

    • The location of your dish (i.e. how difficult is the location to access)
    • Obstructions that  may interfere with signal reception and require a higher mounting height (structures, tall trees, buildings, etc.)
    • Building construction (flat or pitched roof, single or double story, metal or tile roof, etc.)

    Starlink is a network consisting of over 2000 satellites orbiting the Earth. Using a Starlink satellite that points to the network of low-orbiting satellites, home and business owners can gain access to fast, reliable internet. The system works by low-orbit satellites bouncing signals from your equipment to ground stations on Earth, creating a broadband connection. 

    The key is Starlink’s low-orbiting satellites. Because they are closer than other satellite services, the signals take less time to reach ground stations on Earth. This results in a faster connection, even in remote areas that were previously unable to enjoy reliable internet service.

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