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Alarm Systems Perth
Homeowners Can Trust

We offer professionally installed home alarm systems Perth homeowners can rely on to increase their security and peace of mind.

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    Our alarm systems offer a variety of convenient features, including:

    • Keypad with key fob options 
    • App integration
    • Hardwired (no recharging sensors)
    • Pet-friendly sensors
    • Dual keypad systems available
    • Motion sensors
    • Vibration sensors
    • Door and window sensors
    • Affordable
    • High quality

    Our Brands

    We install home alarm systems Perth homeowners can trust. We only recommend high-quality systems from reputable brands in the industry so you can feel confident in the quality of the make and model you choose.

    Some of the leading brands we work with include:

    • DSC
    • Dahua
    • Hikvision
    • Bosch

    How Much Does an Alarm System Cost?

    Our packages include:

    • Motion sensor alarm system: Starting from $900 (app integration module + $300)
    • Dual keypad alarm system: Starting from $1300 (app integration module + $300)
    • Keypad and key fob: $150
    • 10% discount when you purchase your alarm system and CCTV at the same time. 

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    Benefits of Alarm Systems

    Perhaps the biggest benefit of having an alarm system is the peace of mind it offers. Other potential benefits of an alarm system include:

    • Increased protection for you, your loved ones, and your belongings
    • Crime deterrence
    • Cheaper home insurance premiums
    • Peace of mind
    • Convenience
    • Can be controlled remotely
    • May increase home value
    • May result in shorter response times for medical assistance

    How to Install Alarm Systems in Perth


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    Arrange a Time

    We’ll arrange a time for your alarm system installation that works with your schedule. 


    Expert Installation

    Our expert alarm system installers will ensure your system is optimally installed. 

    Existing alarm system not working?

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    Meet Your Alarm System Installers

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    Managing Director


    Alarm systems are devices designed to detect security intrusions and emit a loud siren or signal while also notifying a central monitoring system. This signal or siren is intended to notify the homeowner of a security issue, scare away burglars, and notify the authorities.
    Just as with security cameras, alarm systems can help deter burglars and criminal activity. Alarm systems are an effective way to draw attention to your home and property via loud sirens. These alarms and sirens can alert police, startle potential thieves, and notify you of a potential security issue.
    Alarm systems work by detecting security intrusions. An armed system will send out an alert to a central monitoring system if the sensor is triggered. Some systems also emit a loud siren to alert you to a potential issue and help scare away intruders. You can also be set up to be notified of a potential security issue by text, call, or mobile app notification.
    Almost all alarm manufacturers have transitioned to offering phone apps that are compatible with their system. This allows users to arm and disarm the alarm system right from their phone, get notifications, and easily monitor their system remotely. Ask us about recommended phone apps for alarm systems and we’ll gladly guide you through the various options.
    If you need to reset a wired alarm system, you’ll want to check the manufacturer’s instructions. Often, resetting an alarm system involves cutting power to it and then turning the power back on. This should complete a power cycle reset and get your system back up and running. If you need help troubleshooting, our team is happy to help.
    If you have pets, you may wonder if they will accidentally set off your alarm system. No worries – we can install an alarm system with pet-friendly motion sensors to ensure you maintain security while avoiding accidentally triggering your alarm system. We can also utlise a perimeter alarm system rather than a motion-based one. Our licensed security professionals will work closely with you to determine the ideal option.

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