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Who Can Move an NBN Box?

Relocated NBN box in an Australian home

If you need to change the location of your NBN box, it is important to consult a registered cabler who knows how to relocate an NBN box safely and effectively.

As a licensed cable contractor, I’ve spent years helping Perth homeowners relocate their NBN boxes to achieve higher internet speeds or move their box out of an unsightly location.

Here, I’ll cover who can move an NBN box, why you might relocate an NBN box, and how to relocate an NBN box.

Quick Summary

  • NBN boxes are best relocated by a registered cabler
  • You may need to relocate your NBN connection box if you want to change the location of the NBN box, the equipment is in the wrong location, or you are tired of slow internet speeds
  • When relocating an NBN box, make sure the new location will protect all equipment from water and excessive heat
  • NBN boxes also need to be installed in areas that are well-ventilated, sufficiently lit, protected against damage, and out of high-traffic areas
  • An experienced cabling technician can help you find the ideal location for your NBN box that will provide a reliable, fast internet connection

How NBN Boxes Are Relocated

Due to the risk of damage to equipment or an insufficient internet connection, moving an NBN box is best left to experienced technicians.

At Delta Prime, we’ve helped hundreds of Perth homeowners enjoy more efficient, aesthetically pleasing NBN box placement and we’d be glad to do the same for you.

Below are the general steps involved in how to relocate an NBN box.

1. Choose a New Location for Your NBN Box

We can help you pinpoint a new location that will protect your NBN box against damage, offer the highest internet speed and reliability, and look great

2. Confirm the New Location

Next, we confirm the new location is suitable, will protect the NBN box, and that all internal wiring connections will connect back to the new NBN location.

3. Run Cabling

Our installers then re-run and terminate the fibre and copper connections into the NTD from the exterior connection (PCD).

4. Confirm Operational Status

We then confirm the status lights are working, indicating the power supply is up and running normally. Our technicians also ensure your services, internet, and phone are operating normally.

When You Should Relocate Your NBN Box

Here’s an example of one of the best reasons I’ve ever seen to relocate an NBN box. We got a request to do a consultation for a frustrated homeowner who was tired of the NBN box being located in his bathroom!

Along with being unsightly, the NBN box was constantly exposed to high moisture conditions and temperature fluctuations.

I determined the NBN box could be relocated in a spare bedroom in an inconspicuous location. This new location had a consistent temperature, was out of view, and required less cabling!

Once completed, the homeowner had a more reliable connection and faster internet speeds. And he no longer needed to deal with the odd placement of an NBN box in his bathroom!

I recommend relocating your NBN box if:

  • It is in an unsightly location that bothers you
  • Your internet speeds are consistently slow
  • It is located in a high traffic area where it could easily be knocked down and damaged
  • The supplied equipment is in the wrong location
  • It is in a poorly ventilated or tightly enclosed space
  • It is installed in an area where the average air temperature dips s below 10°C or above 40°C frequently (I’ve seen this happen in wall cavities, floor cavities, utility rooms, and ceiling spaces)
  • It is located near a heater where it could overheat
  • It is located in a high moisture area, such as a laundry room or bathroom  

What to Consider When Moving a NBN Box

When deciding how to relocate an NBN box, there are crucial considerations to keep in mind. The main goal is preventing damage to the NBN connection box, wiring, and equipment and maintaining safety. The other big consideration is ensuring the optimal location for an efficient, reliable connection.

I’ve helped many homeowners who tried relocating an NBN box on their own, only to realise they made their internet noticeably slower.

I recommend working with a professional cabling technician, but here are some factors to consider if you decide to move your NBN box:

  • The equipment must be protected from water, steam, or excessive heat
  • The location must be well ventilated, preferably near a fixed power point and easy for you to check the indicator lights
  • The equipment must be positioned in a location away from busy areas
  • The NBN box and equipment should be protected against damage (i.e. don’t install it on a shelf in a high-traffic area  where it could easily get knocked over)
  • There should also be sufficient light for you to see if the device is functioning correctly
  • All internal phone and data wiring connections must be able to be fed back to your new NBN location


How much does it cost to move an NBN box?

The cost to move an NBN box will depend on the complexity of the relocation. In general, you can expect to pay somewhere between $200 – $500.

How long will it take to move the NBN box?

A trained technician can typically relocate an NBN box in 1 to 2 hours depending on the complexity of the relocation.

Can I just move my it by myself?

We highly recommend that you don’t interfere with the box or cabling yourself for a few reasons, including:

  • Delicate fibre optical cable can easily be damaged
  • The NBN box can be damaged
  • You can lose internet connection and be left without internet for a long while
  • You can be hit with expensive bills from NBN if damaged
  • Last but not least, you should be licensed before running cables through your ceilings and walls.

A licensed cabling technician will identify the optimal placement for the NBN box, ensuring you enjoy the most reliable, fastest internet connection possible in your home.

What are other ways I can improve my internet speed?

Along with relocating your NBN box if needed, our licensed cabling contractors can increase your internet speed with various home networking solutions.

Still relying on copper wires? It may be time to get in touch with us to learn about the benefits of fibre optic cabling.

We can help you get faster internet speed with services such as:

  • Updating your data cabling
  • Installing a CAT6 data cable between your NTD and your phone or modem
  • Evaluating wireless access points
  • Installing Wi-fi range extenders
  • Using computer racks/servers
  • Using data points to increase Internet speeds
  • Determining optimal locations for your modem/router

Looking to Relocate Your NBN Box?

Are you tired of staring at an NBN box in the corner of your living room or bedroom? Or annoyed with slow internet speeds?

Schedule a consultation with our licensed residential and commercial data cabling technicians to get your free, no obligation quote for relocating your NBN box.

We’ll help you find the ideal new location for your NBN box, evaluate your cabling, and have you enjoying your fastest connection speeds possible.