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Data Cabling Perth

We pride ourselves on installing data cabling Perth residents can trust for quality and affordability.


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    Does your data cabling system still rely on copper wires? Then it may be time to make the switch to fibre optic cabling and experience superior performance and reliability.

    Our licensed data cabling contractors offer comprehensive data cabling services, including:

    • Wireless access points 
    • Wi-fi range extenders 
    • Computer racks/servers
    • Data points to increase internet speeds 


    For accurate pricing, it’s best to contact one of our experts to organise your free quote and consultation.

    Pricing for additional services includes:

    • Additional data points starting at $250

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    Looking to Install or Upgrade Your Data Cabling?

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    Benefits of Upgrading Your Data Cabling

    Is your data cabling system outdated, unreliable, or underperforming? 

    Switching to an upgraded fibre optic cabling system provides various benefits, including: 

    • Faster speed and improved efficiency
    • Higher safety
    • Flexibility and scalability
    • Cost-effectiveness
    • Better aesthetics and organisation
    • Compliance and standards
    • Reliable connectivity
    • Improved data volume handling
    • Heightened business productivity
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    Types of Cabling

    We are your go-to source for turnkey data cabling solutions and supplies in WA.

    Our extensive data cabling catalogue includes different grades of data cabling, including: 

    • Cat5e
    • Cat6
    • Cat6a
    • Fibre optic

    When you contact us, our licensed contractors will evaluate your set up and goals to determine the ideal cabling type for your needs.

    How to Install Data Cabling in Perth


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    Arrange a Time

    We’ll arrange a time for your data cabling installation that works with your schedule. 


    Our Experts Do the Work

    Our expert data cabling installers will ensure your system is optimally installed. 

    Looking for High-Quality Home Data Cabling in Perth?

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Copper cables are metal strands that transmit data. Fibre optic cables are thin, long threads of glass bundled together. This bundle creates an optical cable that can encode data into light particles and transmit it. By using light to transmit data, fibre optic cabling offers better reliability, faster speeds, and improved performance. 

    Fibre optic cabling is superior to copper cabling in a variety of ways. Fibre cable offers better bandwidth over longer distances. Fibre cable isn’t affected by outside influences or noise, offering a more reliable connection. Copper wires are also at risk of heating up and causing a fire hazard whereas fibre optic cables produce no heat. 

    When we carry out data cabling installation, we can remove and dispose of old cabling for you. 

    A safe and proper data cabling installation involves correctly connecting all wires and ensuring the network software and hardware are compatible. A licensed data cabling contractor knows how to safely and correctly install a data cabling system to ensure the end result is efficient and compliant with local standards and regulations. 

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