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Antenna Selection Guide: What TV Antenna Do I Need?

TV antenna installer installing a directional antenna

We know our customers ask themselves this question often and that it can be confusing to find the answer.

As your trusted, local TV antenna installers, we put together your Antenna Selection Guide Australia to help you choose the right TV antenna for your region.

What TV Antenna Do I Need in My Area?

Choosing the right TV antenna in Australia depends on multiple factors, including how close the nearest broadcast tower is, what types of channels you want to get, what obstacles are in the way, the local terrain, and your specific location.

Here are some general tips to help you decide which TV antenna you need for your area and preferences.

1. Check Your Location

First, you’ll want to check your location to determine what broadcasters are in your area.

The easiest way to do this is by using the Australian Government’s mySwitch website.

Australia’s mySwitch provides information on digital television reception throughout Australia.

The mySwitch website was designed to make it easy for Australian residents to:

  • Check the quality of your reception
  • Get help to resolve reception issues
  • Locate the nearest transmission towers
  • Find out what type of antenna you require
  • Learn what broadcasting services are available at your address

Using mySwitch is easy. Residents can simply enter their address to determine their eligibility for satellite service and see local digital TV coverage.

2. Check Your Distance from Broadcast Towers

TV antenna selection chart showing the appropriate antennas for 12-20km, 20-80km, and 80+ km from a broadcast tower

The closer you are to a broadcast tower, the higher your chance of obtaining a strong, reliable signal.

In Perth, a quality TV antenna can usually pick up a signal up to 60 or more miles away. The ability of a TV antenna to pick up a signal depends on local terrain and any obstructions.

Here are some general guidelines regarding distances from broadcast towers:

  • 15 to 20 km Away From the Nearest Broadcast Tower — If you are within 15-20 km of a transmission tower, you are in a great position to receive high signal strength and optimal channel access.
  • 20 to 80 km Away From the Nearest Broadcast Tower — For distances of 20 to 80 km from a broadcast tower, a quality outdoor antenna will likely get you access to a range of channels and good reliability. However, you may need to consider an amplifier.
  • 80 km or More Away From the Nearest Broadcast Tower — For longer distances, a high-gain outdoor antenna is usually required to pick up a reliable signal. Your antenna will likely need to be mounted on a high mast and may require a signal booster.

Even if you are worried you are too far away from a broadcast tower to pick up a signal, we can explore amplifier options that may boost the signal strength. During your consultation, we’ll test signal strengths and determine the optimal TV antenna given your location.

3. Determine the Type of Antenna You Need

Next, you’ll have to determine the type of TV antenna you need. This will depend on your location, how many channels you want to receive, and the local terrain.

We carry a broad range of TV antennas to make sure we have the type that will suit your setup and needs. Our antenna range includes:

  • Basic Yagi
  • Bow tie
  • X type
  • Log periodic
  • Multiboom Yagi

When you schedule a free consultation with our professional antenna installers, we’ll determine the antenna type that will give you the most reliable reception for your area and setup.

4. Contact a Professional Antenna Installer

Proper antenna installation is crucial for both function and safety purposes. We highly recommend hiring a professional installer to help determine the right antenna for your needs and install it for you.

Your TV antenna should be aimed toward the nearest broadcast towers. It may need to be adjusted to make sure it is in the optimal position.

Our professional installers can make adjustments to ensure the highest efficiency and maximum channel reception. We also make sure the antenna is set up correctly and mounted safely and securely.

Get Help From a Professional

We know the ins and outs of the Perth area, local antenna requirements, and to ensure you get the maximum TV channels possible and the highest reliability.

Our team of licensed professionals install reliable, affordable TV antennas in Perth and the surrounding areas. We install TV antennas Perth residents can rely on for longevity, safety, and quality.

With a variety of reputable brands and options to customise your set up, we’ll tailor a TV antenna solution that fits your location, budget, and preferences.

If you are dealing with poor signal strength or have a damaged antenna, we also offer TV antenna repairs.

Get a free, no-obligation quote by contacting our licensed TV antenna installation and repair team today!


Should I Get An Indoor Antenna?

We typically do not recommend indoor antennas to our customers. Indoor antennas can usually only pick up a few channels and often deal with interference issues and poor signal strength.

In some cases, an indoor antenna may be sufficient if you are within 15 to 20 km of a broadcast tower.

Why Is My TV Reception Bad?

Poor reception can be a result of:

  • Weak signal strength
  • Weather conditions
  • Obstructions (trees, hills, tall buildings, interference from electronic devices)
  • An improperly installed antenna
  • Damaged or outdated antenna
  • Wiring or cable issues
  • Cable service or satellite problems
  • Distance from the broadcast tower (if you are too far away, you’ll likely experience reception problems)
  • Malfunctioning equipment

How Do I Improve My TV Reception?

Try these troubleshooting tips for poor reception:

  • Clear away any obstructions that may be disrupting the signal path
  • Perform a channel scan on your TV to check if you are receiving all of the available channels
  • Check that all cables and connections in in good working condition
  • Check for any damaged antenna or wiring components
  • Ask a local installer if a signal booster would be beneficial
  • Upgrade to a higher-quality antenna designed for your area’s signal conditions

If you’ve tried fixing poor antenna reception and are still getting a weak signal, contact a licensed professional. Our installers are experienced in fault-finding, weak signal fixes, and antenna repairs and can quickly determine the problem and offer a cost-effective solution.

What Are the Benefits of Installing a TV Antenna?

The benefits of installing a TV antenna include:

  • Access to local content and emergency alerts
  • Free-to-air TV channels
  • Affordable and convenient
  • No reliance on cable companies
  • Improved picture quality
  • Reliability
  • Environmental benefits
  • Easily customised

Can I Install a TV Antenna Myself?

A poorly mounted TV antenna will not only affect your signal quality — it can also be a safety hazard. Due to the potential dangers involved in installing a TV antenna, we recommend contacting a licensed installer. Our professional audio visual installers in Perth ensure safe, secure installation that can be counted on for high performance and safety.